PLCoffee Company: a FRESH COFFEE!

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Bridport, Tasmania



We are a small roastery in Bridport,  about 80km NE of Launceston right on the beautiful Tasmanian North Coast.

We buy fantastic, fresh green coffee-beans, roast them on an almost daily basis and blend it into our luscious Cafe-blend or the easy-drinking Old Amsterdam-blend!

And, at times we feel like a change so we also make a Journey-blend, blended from some interesting beans we simply could not resist buying and tasting.

The process cannot be more simple, the coffee can NOT be FRESHER and the flavours.... well, we think they are absolutely wonderful... but check it out for yourself here!

Goodbye bitterness and burnt flavour... Hello sweetness, hints of spice, cocoa, nuts and caramel!

Buy one bag, and I guarantee you will never want stale, over-roasted supermarket coffee again ....

Grab some, and Enjoy!















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